About Us

Puzzle8 is a decades old partnership formed to bring ideas to life. We met in the 80s and taught classes together at Florida Institute of Technology.

One idea was to use the pixel or “picture element” from the computer to accent the progress man has made through 20th century reductionism. All things human scale are comprised of smaller things. We established what we refer to as particle art to show pictures as compositions of smaller components. We have made this point over the past 30 years with glass, porcelain and ceramic mosaic, acrylic and oil paints, various forms of beads and even Lego.

The second idea that we express in Puzzle8 is the mathematically perfect balance of color contained in white light.  These 8 colors divide into 4 subtractive colors and 4 additive colors.  The 4 subtractive colors are used to make images off of which light will reflect and the 4 additive colors are used when the color is part of the light source itself.  Within these 2 sets there are pairs which neutralize each other.  Black neutralizes white.  Red does cyan, green magenta, and blue neutralizes yellow.  A little bit of play with a paint program’s RGB sliders will reveal this as an underlying mathematical truth. The result of this idea was that from these same 8 colors, any color photograph could be accurately expressed.

It’s been a long and winding labor of love but to date, our best expression of these ideas is Puzzle8.

We sincerely hope that some of you will appreciate the puzzle behind the puzzle.







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