Sometimes, the simplest things are the most challenging!

Our Puzzle8 design using only 8 colors gives you all the challenge of larger analog puzzles in just 25 pieces.

Each puzzle displays its subject using 4 additive colors (red, green, blue, and white) and 4 subtractive colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). These 8 colors provide the perfect mathematical balance for human vision to make up all the more subtle colors you see when you view your finished puzzle from across the room!

With regard to difficulty, you'll find there are different levels.

Rare puzzlers will solve a Puzzle8 puzzle with no visual reference at all, looking at nothing.

Most will solve with the aid of the picture on the Information Sheet.

Younger problem solvers will find encouragement in the full scale, piece by piece image on the reverse side of the inserted Information Sheet.

You'll no doubt spot other helpful hints along the way.

Variable difficulty = Fun for the whole family!

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